Yee Storage

Yee is a flexible storage system that allows you to create a composition that perfectly suits your needs – ideal for cleverly concealing your technology, or curating and displaying the pieces you love, you can customise a combination that works for you.

Begin by choosing a steel framed bench with slatted timber top in one of three dimensions, then build your composition by selecting from a series of multi dimension storage elements available in a range of colours and finishes.

The result is your own unique storage unit perfectly designed to meet your needs.

Yee Storage

Product Information. 

Product Information

Designer: Metrica 2017

Product Construction. 

Product Construction

The bench is a standalone furniture piece featuring a slatted wood top available in natural, carbon or grey lacquered ash with a metal stretcher based frame available in black, pewter or Bordeaux. The storage elements are all available in the three wood finishes and three new satin lacquer colours Japanese red, ochre yellow and steel blue, and come in a variety of sizes.

All storage elements come with a flap down mechanism and cable management and feature a signature soft profile door shape. Yee allows the flexibility to create a personalised configuration, creating the spaces you need for concealed storage and display of objects.



Composition A - 150w x 73h x 46d cm

Composition B - 150w x 109h x 46d cm

Composition C - 150w x 87/73h x 46d cm

Composition D - 208w x 87/55h x 46d cm

Composition E - 208w x 55h x 46d cm

Composition F - 208w x 55/73h x 46d cm

Composition G - 240w x 73/55h x 46d cm

Composition H - 240w x 73h x 46d cm

Composition I - 240w x 73h x 46d cm

* Option to create a personalised configuration



We guarantee that all products sold are free from manufacturing faults and defects for a period of 24 months from the date of original delivery. In the event that a product is proven to be defective, you are entitled to the restoration of the goods through repair or replacement, whichever is decided as being the most efficient and effective remedy.

It should also be noted that the guarantee does not cover:

  • Any breakage caused by negligent and/or improper use of the goods
  • Changes caused by normal wear and tear
  • Any damage caused by lack of and/or erroneous maintenance
  • Any damage due to an accident or force
  • Degradation of finish caused by environmental factors



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