Toorak House

The owners of this grand house in the Melbourne suburb of Toorak, filled the rooms with antique furniture. But they were ready for a change of direction, engaging Larritt-Evans to simplify the spaces and bring in a strong contemporary feel. This house now features pristine white walls, steel and glass windows that increase the natural light and, importantly, new streamlined furniture throughout. Pivotal to the new furniture is the SP01 Yee Storage, which is recognised for its exquisitely detailed furniture and unique storage solutions.

Larritt-Evans, along with its clients, opted for the dark dusty blue-grey storage systems for both the dining room and also for the main bedroom. The satin-lacquered finish perfectly complements the range of blue-grey hues throughout the home, whether this takes the form of curtains, plush velvet-covered dining chairs or the abstract and contemporary paintings on display. And as with the art on display, these SP01 Yee storage units not only take on a sculptural and artistic form, but as importantly, conceal all the technology one looks for in a home today. Unlike the heavy armoires of the past, with chunky timber legs, the SP01 Yee Storage systems are finely poised on steel legs, making them appear lightweight. The ability to customise the joinery and make them suit both living areas as well as bedrooms, has also made these storage systems a popular choice for those ready, like these clients, for a change of direction.

"Unlike most storage systems, the Yee is not so square. The subtle bowed line of the door profile softens the rectilinear rigour of the various storage elements. Add to this the many possible combinations of shape and colour and Yee really lends itself to a more free and creative expression. The finer details are so well resolved that even when composed of multiple shapes and finishes, the final feeling is a sense of quietness and organic calm. "

Matt Lorrain, Creative Director 

Interior Design Larritt-Evans
Photographer Eve Wilson


Yee Storage - Composition A
Yee Storage - Composition ADetails
Yee Storage - Composition B
Yee Storage - Composition BDetails
Yee Storage - Composition D
Yee Storage - Composition DDetails